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We've got the arabic version of the Theme Song!


Upon the request of the Apostolic Secular Council and the National Committee for Youth Pastoral in Lebanon and thanks to the engagement and hard work of “Jésus Ma Joie”, Lebanon and the Arab Youths will praise the Lord and sing along in the World Youth Day 2016 that is to be held in Cracow.

As a part of “Jésus Ma Joie’s” mission to draw the youth closer to the Lord, we took the initiative to encourage them to participate in the WYD. For that to be done, this year’s “Jésus Ma Joie” gathering was a special one as it witnessed the launching of the Arabic version of the Theme Song for the World Youth Day 2016. The jingle was introduced, in the presence of thousands of young Lebanese and arabs, by the Apostolic Secular Council and the National Committee for Youth Pastoral in Lebanon.

A group of devoted young talents worked hand in hand for this project to see the light of day. Their purpose was to make Lebanon’s involvement in the WYD known to Lebanese, arabs and foreigners alike. It is with pride that we introduce briefly the process and the team that made this possible.

First, Ms. Denise Khoury , the secretary General of the Apostolic Secular Council translated the Polish Theme Song into Arabic and Father Fady Jandah, known for his  writing skills, turned the words into a song. Then, it was time for the song to be recorded at Mr. Charles Chlela’s studio. Mr. Chlela, popularly known as a producer, has also a deep religious background . Under his technical supervision, and Mr. Gabriel Sassi’s conduct, Mr. Tony Beylouni took charge of the project coordination. Last but not least, members of the “Jésus Ma Joie” choir joined their voices to the music and what derived was a song that would help people pray in the Arabic language in the WYD.  The soloists whose voices carry us to Cracow are Mr. Gabriel Sassi, Mr. Tony Beylouni, Mr. Mory Hatem, Ms. Sabine Soueidy, and Ms. Nareeman Robehmed.

May Jesus shine all over the globe through Lebanon’s great talents.

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