26/07 - 31/07/2016

Vocations Center


It is … indispensable for each one to seek and to recognize day after day the long path on which the Lord is leading him to his personal encounter with him. Dear friends, question yourselves seriously about your vocation and be ready to answer the Lord who is calling you to take the place he has prepared for you from eternity. St. John Paul II

During World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, there will be a Vocations Centre – a place, where young people will learn to recognize the many different ways of living a vocation. Within the Centre, there will be four Academies set up. In these, participants will be able to exchange their experiences and listen to people who are passionately living out their vocations.

If you feel called to completely dedicating your life to serving God through the priesthood or religious life, then the GOD ACADEMY will help you to discern your vocation. If you believe your vocation is to marriage and family life, then you can go to the FAMILY ACADEMY. There you will learn how to prepare yourself to live out this mission in a world that does not always encourage family life, and which sorely needs the witness of healthy and stable families. The JOB ACADEMY focuses on your vocation to work within your chosen career path. It will help change your way of thinking and allow you to adapt to the dynamically changing job market. Finally, the MERCY ACADEMY will remind us that doing good acts and works of mercy toward our neighbours is both a person’s privilege and their highest calling.

Don’t know yet what path is for you? – Remember: Jesus is the Way, and in each of these four ways you can encounter Him!

Religious orders, national and international communities, as well as missionary organizations, which are interested in participating in the Vocations Center, are asked to register in the system.

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