26/07 - 31/07/2016

Support WYD - Supporting the volunteers

Support WYD – Supporting the volunteers

Long term volunteers have already been putting in a lot of work preparing for WYD.
By the time WYD gets started, we will have 20,000 volunteers, 3,000 of those being international volunteers.
Their help is crucial, which is why organizers will not only be providing housing, meals, and training,
 but also sightseeing and opportunities to become more familiar with Poland.

To support this goal financially you can make a deposit to the account:
USD Account: PL 46 12404650 1787 0010 6440 7938
BIC / Swift code: PKOPPLPW
EUR Account: PL 32 12404650 1978 0010 6440 8049
BIC / Swift code: PKOPPLPW

Archdiocese of Krakow
ul. Franciszkańska 3, 31-004 Kraków

Regon: 040041137   NIP: 676 226 57 05
Support WYD – Supporting the volunteers

 You may also pay using VISA, MASTERCARD, or bank transfer

We sincerely thank all Donors, Firms and Institutions,
supporting WYD Krakow 2016 for their help and trust.


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