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Last Chance to register for WYD

2016-07-22 / rejestracja

LAST MINUTE registration ended 22 July. Pilgrims will be able to register in IRC points.

“IRC, or Information-Registration Centers, are 20 points located on entrance routes to Krakow and its surrounding areas,” says Marta Mańka of the WYD Local Organizing Committee.

IRCs are open 24/7 from 23 to 31 July, with the exception of IRC 10, which will be open Monday through Saturday from 6am to 9pm and on Sunday from 9am until 8pm. They will fulfill the following functions: informational – helping pilgrims get around the city, providing information about registration, accommodation, meals, the WYD program, and directing pilgrims to tourist attractions in the city and surrounding areas; distributive – they will issue assigned parking spaces.

Organized groups and individuals will also be able to register in IRC points. It will be possible to pay the participatory fee as well as choose a package that best suits you at the IRC.

Each IRC has an assigned language. In order to register and receive a package in a given language, you must report to the corresponding point:

IRC 1 – Portuguese
IRC 2 – German
IRC 3 – French
IRC 4 – English
IRC 5 – Italian
IRC 7 – Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
IRC 8 – Spanish

Pilgrims who registered through the website by 22 July will be able to pick up their packages in IRCs 1-8 in Krakow. Pilgrims who did not choose a place of package pickup will be able to pick up Package C in an IRC located on the route leading to Campus Misericordiae.

Izabela Czak
Photo: Marianna Gurba

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