26/07 - 31/07/2016



The Diocesan Prayer Relay


In Wawel Cathedral on November 30th, the first Sunday of Advent, The Diocesan Prayer Relay for the WYD began. Why is it important? In a year and a half from now we will witness an event which has never happened before; both in Poland and Krakow!

As a diocese we have a very unique task to do: we are going to host the youth during ’’The Central Events” in July of 2016. How we will experience these days is up to our personal preparation as well as public preparation in the parishes.We would like to invite you to one of these pastoral projects called ’’The Prayer Relay”, which is a joint effort for the entire diocese.

Every day a different parish will be prayed for in the intentions of the WYD. We kindly ask you to help the priests with the preparations for this event. We very much hope that together with them, the catechists, religious sisters, and your peers you will produce an interesting program that will show what the World Youth Days are and will lead to an involved preparation of all parishioners for them. It largely depends on You whether or not other parishioners will feel that The Days are also their business!

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