26.07 - 31.07.2016

Helpers during the distribution of Holy Communion


We also want to engage groups of young people during World Youth Day in Krakow. We would like to invite them to help during the distribution of Holy Communion during Main Events (as persons holding umbrellas over those distributing Communion).

Rules of participation and registration of Helpers During the Distribution of Holy Communion
1. We ask that the Youth Minister contact the priests from the Krakow Seminary indicated below in order to obtain the appropriate Excel form.
Helpers During  the Distribution of Holy Communion during WYD must be of legal age. They should report to the minister in their Diocese, providing:

Their name and surname, father's name, number of identity document
days on which they desire to serve (Tuesday/Sunday)
e-mail address
2. Guardians of various youth ministries will approve a list of their helpers and send it to the diocesan  Youth Minister. The diocesan Youth Minister will send one cumulative list (Excel form) of young people from the diocese who want to help during the distribution of Holy Communion to: komunia@krakow2016.com.
3. Application deadline: 20 July 2016.
4. Applying to serve is not synonymous with official WYD registration or receiving any benefits from the organizer. Youth can register on the official World Youth Day website and will then receive the appropriate pilgrim package, but that is after paying the participatory fee.

Any questions or comments should be directed to the priests in the Seminary who deal with this subject. They are: Fr. Mateusz Hosaja and Fr. Grzegorz Babiarz.
E-mail: komunia@krakow2016.com
Phone: (+48 12) 422 90 92, 421 61 13, 628 82 21, 628 82 22

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