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Formulario de solicitud para el coro y la orquesta de la JMJ

Es imprescindible rellenar el formulario de solicitud para el coro y la orquesta de la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud de Cracovia 2016 y leer las condiciones de admisión (documento adjunto). 

Las solicitudes se recibirán del 5 al 26 de diciembre de 2015. Será un placer descubrir vuestros talentos y ponerlos de manifiesto.



The deadline of sending in applications is December 26 2015.

Sending an application in by filling out the form is not the same as qualifying to be part of the choir or orchestra.

At the latest by January 3 information will be sent about the results of the outcome of the first verifications. Persons who are qualified for auditions will receive information about the date and place of the auditions.

Date of Auditions

Auditions will take place in Krakow on January 9 2016 (Saturday) and January 16 2016 (Saturday). Presence at the auditions is compulsory.

People from abroad, invited to take part in the auditions, who will not be able to come to Krakow during the designated time, will be provided with information about alternative forms of auditioning in specified countries.

Practices (only for people admitted into the choir or orchestra)

Presence at all practices is necessary (also for people from abroad):

Choir: March 12-13, April 16-17, May 7-8, June 4-5, July 18-25 2016

Orchestra: May 7-8, June 4-5, July 18-25 2016

All practices will take place in Krakow.


The Participant covers transportation costs. Practices will begin on Saturday morning and will end on Sunday afternoon. Arrival for practices may be possible on Friday evening. In the case of the week prior to WYD the participant will be obligated to come to Krakow at the latest on July 17.

Accommodation (for people, who will request this in the form) and food (lunch on Saturday and Sunday as well as supper on Saturday) during the weekend practices will be provided by the Organizers.

Important: Persons who have been accepted into the choir or orchestra will be obligated to register in the volunteer system and buy volunteer package W.1 or W.3.

The suggested age range is 18-35 years.

Application form for the Choir and Orchestra of WYD

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