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2016-07-14 / News

Seven days, dozens of nominations, lots of good fun. Nuns, Polish dioceses, and communities from around the world who are preparing for WYD have recorded their videos. Behold the #WYDChallenge – a challenge that is meant to be a joy- and dance-filled invitation to World Youth Day.

“Although we have been working a lot recently, we should not forget to have fun! But real joy is when we can share it with others. That's why we created the #WYDChallenge,” says Gustavo Huguenin, social media coordinator within the communication department.

The Facebook challenge was initiated by the communication department of the Local Organizing Committee. It was launched on 6 July via the official World Youth Day Facebook page. "We from the Local Organizing Committee for WYD Krakow 2016 have a lot of work and organizing to do before receiving pilgrims and volunteers from all around the world. But something we never forget is to have fun! Now, what's the fun without sharing it with your friends?"  - we read in the description of the first video, recorded by the communication department. The post, shared in fourteen languages, reached more than 800,000 people and was shared nearly 2,500 times – in just five days.

The idea came to Ton Oliveira, a social media volunteer. “The most important thing is the message: World Youth Day is back! The time in which to live WYD, wherever you are – whether it's in Krakow, or anywhere else in the world – is here,” says Ton.

To participate in the challenge, you must first be ... challenged. Then, record your video. The common denominator is the song "World Youth Day Is Back For You," recorded after WYD in Rio by French worship group UNI'T. And to it, you can dance, sing – or pack a backpack for WYD. Then, post the video online within 48 hours.

Nearly thirty communities have already taken the challenge. Mary, Mother of God, Pope Francis, and ... a bike… have already made their appearances in videos. The video that has received  the greatest amount of feedback is one of dancing nuns from the team leading the Faustina 2016 Facebook page. After five days, the film already has more than 160,000 views and has been shared nearly2,300 times. Volunteers preparing for WYD in several dioceses, including Częstochowa, Łódź, and Białystok, have already danced to the song "assigned" by the initiators. The challenge has been accepted by, among others, Krajowe Duszpasterstwo Młodzieży (National Youth Ministry), who recorded a video with the help of hybrid volunteers training before World Youth Day, and the Krakow community Chrystus w Starym Mieście (Christ in the Old Town).

“We wanted to ‘make a mess’ on Krakow's Market Square and we are happy with the result. We invited a group from Katowice and a choir from London, who happened to be on the Market Square, to participate. Random tourists also spontaneously joined us. It was very cool,” says Konrad Ciempka, the leader of the Chrystus w Starym Mieście community.

“We accepted the challenge because we really liked the video recorded by the Sisters of Łagiewniki,” says Izabela Kuśnierek of the Archdiocese of Częstochowa. “This ‘dancing invitation’ to Krakow is a sample of the joy that awaits us at WYD.”

Also accepting the challenge are international communities. The Canadian Salt and Light foundation, the German Nightfever community, young people from the Italian Archdiocese of Bari-Bitonto, and groups from Argentina, Nicaragua, and Colombia, among others, have already recorded their versions of the video.

“With the challenge, we invited pilgrims who will come to Krakow, as well as young people watching us through various media, so that they will announce together with us that World Youth Day is near!” says Gustavo Huguenin.

Paulina Małota, Marta Łysek

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