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Wawel Hill

Wawel Hill

The majestic Wawel Hill, overlooking the city, reminds that Krakow was the old capital of Poland. The Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral that can be found at the top of the hill are among the most meaningful places, which for ages shaped the sense of Polishness. The exceptional combination of nature, architecture and works of art brings its visitors into the events with the splendor of the royal families.

During one’s visit to the Wawel Cathedral it is worth climbing the winding staircase to the bell tower, where one can find a unique witness to momentous times of the history of Poland – the "Zygmunt" bell. The pride of the Cathedral is the Zygmunt chapel, called a pearl of the renaissance. But chiefly, Wawel is the complex of buildings making up the Castle of Wawel – this was once the residency of the rulers of the Republic, and today it is a place full of souvenirs from the past. An additional attraction of Wawel Hill is the Dragon’s Lair, which according to legend was occupied by the Dragon of Wawel.

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