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Blessed... from Dubai!


Photo Credits John Gordon Isaac

The official WYD 2016 song become more and more popular. Artists from around the world are working on their own interpretations of the WYD song. We asked musicians from Dubai about their inspirations and themes.

What is your story – why are you performing Christian music, when did you start and why? Was it difficult to start?

We came together in the Jesus Youth movement bringing with us our varied experiences, a binding love of Jesus and the gift of music. Some of us used to be secular musicians and singers back in India before we came to the UAE for work. We felt called to be set apart to serve God and His church making His gift to us a gift in return to Him. We became known as Masterplan, following His plan for us. Our first Concert was in Bahrain and since then have watched Him faithfully multiply and bless our talents with each event. In 2013 we were blessed to be selected to perform for the World Youth Day Youth Festival 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the succeeding years, we released a couple of Albums. It was not hard to start because of a deep conviction of God backing us up on this and He continues to use us and bless us.

Please, tell a little about each one of you - who you are, where you come from, do you have other professions?

We are an 11 member Catholic band who serve God through our talents. Bibin, Steo and Nigel are the Male vocalists and Mini and Bhavana are the female vocalists and together their voices harmonize and elevate any given song to a whole new dimension. The musicians are Diago and Sherwell on guitar, Edwin on the Bass, George and Sony on the synthesizers and Neil on the drums who together make music to speak to hearts, deepen worship and make joyful praise unto God. Together we form a rich tapestry of experiential worship. Our ethnicity is mainly Indian and Pakistani in origin. We hold regular day jobs and have growing families.

Why did you decide to create an Electro House and Contemporary Rock version of the WYD official song?

We absolutely love the original Polish version. We wanted to make it in English so we could sing it meaningfully in a language we understand. We primarily reach out to youth and so made versions that echo the eclectic styles that would easily resonate with them. The Rock version is for our live concerts, and the Electro House version is to dance along to. We even plan to have our Dance team choreograph this song at the Youth Festival if we get selected.

Michał Kłosowski

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