26/07 - 31/07/2016

The idea of Days in the Dioceses

Dni w Diecezjach

Days in the Dioceses, preceding the main celebrations of World Youth Day, are a time that pilgrims spend in selected dioceses of the country that organises the meeting of young people.  In Poland they will take place between20th and 25th of July, and they are already being prepared in 43 dioceses of the country (41 Roman Catholic dioceses and 2 Greek Catholic).

For the pilgrims the Days in the dioceses are an invitation to discover the richness of the Church and of the country that they visit, as well as to meet families and young people who want to receive them. For the hosts it’s an opportunity to take part in the feast of faith and joy together with young people from all over the world. 

Thinking about the pilgrims that will come for World Youth Day 2016, every Polish diocese has taken a name from the Bible. Those names characterise the local Church as well as the particular parts of the country, and on the other hand, they announce the message that the hosts want to share with their guests. Behind every diocese’s name there is some experience of God’s Mercy over the ages-oldhistory of Poland. That is why the whole country is called a Camp of Mercy - Campus Misericordiae.

Dear Pilgrims! We invite you to choose on your own the diocese where you want to spend the Days in the dioceses.  May this time be an opportunity to get to know Poland and to experience polish hospitality. But first of all, let it be the strengthening of your faith that you will share later with young people in Krakow and in your countries.

To get more information about organisation and registration for the Days in the dioceses, contact the WYD coordinator in a selected diocese or write on the following address:  dioceses@krakow2016.com

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