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Pilgrim, do not allow yourself to be cheated!

2016-07-26 / Wolontariat

The WYD Local Organizing Committee warns you of those who might try to take advantage of the lack of knowledge of foreign pilgrims and volunteers. The National Bank of Poland, wanting to help international pilgrims and volunteers, has created the app “NBP Safe”, available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This app will help pilgrims and volunteers to become familiar with the security features of Polish banknotes, and will also teach how to spot fake banknotes. The app has a currency calculator as well as an accessibility module, which will enable people with poor eyesight to use the app.

Examples of Polish banknotes are available for pilgrims and volunteers in all Information-Registration Centers (CIR) located in Krakow and on its access routes. Before heading to a currency exchange office, it is best to familiarize yourself with the exchange rates available on the National Bank of Poland’s website ( HERE ). After conducting the exchange, before stepping away from the window, examine the banknotes you have been given. If you suspect that you have been given a fake banknote, it is best to compare it to the others and check the marks. If you suspect that you are in possession of a fake banknote, do not try to pay with it. Report it to the nearest bank or to the police.

In addition, the Local Organizing Committee warns you that there are impostors posing as WYD volunteers and collecting money to pay for the organization of these events. No such collection is being organized by the WYD Local Organizing Committee. We ask you to report any attempts at fraud to the police.

Izabela Czak

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