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Meals in the Food and Beverage Zones Will Satisfy Pilgrims’ Tastes

2016-07-20 / Campus MiserIcordiae

Food and Beverage Zones will be open to pilgrims from Tuesday to Friday (26-29 July) in Krakow, as well as on Saturday and Sunday (30-31 July) on Campus Misericordiae.

17 Complex Food and Beverage Zones

Pilgrims will be able to enjoy meals by exchanging meal tickets in restaurants and in special zones. There will be 17 zones in Krakow and Campus Misericordiae during WYD offering food, drinks, and other services, including Wi-Fi and Poczta Polska (Polish Post) booths. The zones in Krakow will be open Tuesday to Friday from noon until midnight, whereas the zones on Campus Misericordiae will function on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am until the last person is served.
Seven Food and Beverage Zones will be prepared by Caritas and the rest will be organized by other entities that have signed agreements with the WYD Local Organizing Committee. To ensure the effectiveness of distribution, each zone that takes up an area of 800-1000 square meters will be made up of separate food tents.

Everyone Will Find Something for Him or Herself

The menu was created in such a way to satisfy the preferences of all pilgrims. Food representative of different parts of the world will be offered, with an accent on Polish cuisine. Pilgrims will find dishes from different regions of Poland, such as bigos (hunter’s stew), pierogi (dumplings), żurek (sour rye soup), oscypki, and thick slices of bread with schmaltz. Fast dishes whose preparation does not take much time and can be served as a snack or as a hot lunch (hot dogs, fries, zapiekanki, grilled sausages, etc.) will also be available. Among dishes there will also be so-called ready meals distributed in special packages to choose from, both with and without meat, such as pastas, salads, and Mexican dishes. They can be eaten on site or packed into a backpack and consumed at a later time. There will also be no lack of pizza – a dish known and loved by all.
There will also be designated café areas that will distribute warm beverages such as coffee and tea, as well as sweet snacks. Additionally, cold drinks will be made available to pilgrims: water, juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks – served at room temperature or chilled.

Caritas Food and Beverage Zones

Caritas is preparing a total of seven Food and Beverage Zones in Krakow, at ul. Smocza, ul. Bernardyńska, ul. Piastowska, on Bulwar Wołyński, Bulwar Poleski, and Bulwar Inflancki, as well as in Łagiewniki and one on Campus Misericordiae. For example, the zone on Bulwar Poleski will offer: both warm and cold ready-made meals, grilled foods, vegetarian dishes, fast food, regional cuisine, and desserts. In turn, on Bulwar Wołyński there will be pizza, kebab, tortillas, hot dogs, chicken, baked potatoes, and coffee and cold beverages. As Katarzyna Rybicka, consultant for issues concerning meals during WYD for Caritas Krakow, says the food and beverage zones will all be different, giving pilgrims the opportunity to choose what they want to eat.
Not only registered pilgrims will be able to take advantage of the food and beverage zones, but everyone else can, too. Food and beverages can be purchased in cash and, in some places, with a card. The prices will be slightly higher than the value of meal tickets which stems from the need to bring in cash registers with service, protection, and escort, etc.

The App will Inform You About the Zones

A special app has been created with those coming to WYD in mind that will allow pilgrims to search for locations of food and beverage zones and to determine the distance to specific zones. The app will also include menus with pictures and descriptions of dishes. Besides this, it will also inform where the shortest lines are and if a given location accepts card payments. The app has been available since 18 July.

Ewelina Słomka
Photo: Marianna Gurba

Food and Beverage Zones during WYD (Locations)

Tauron Arena Kraków, ul. Stanisława Lema 7 / Kraków
"Stadion Cracovia" ul. Kałuży 1 / Kraków
Food Court ŚDM, ul. Na Błoniach 7 / Kraków
"Festiwal Smaków", ul. Piastowska 26 / Kraków
1) Zwierzyniecki Klub Sportowy - ul. Na Błoniach 1 / Kraków
2)near the Stadium of Cracovia - ul. Józefa Kałuży 1 / Kraków
3) Old Post Office next to Galeria Krakowska - ul. Lubicz 4 / Kraków
ul. Reymonta 22 - Wisła Stadium
1)ANGELLO ul .Piastowska 20  
2)ANGELLO parking next to ul. Powiśle (vis a vis Sheraton Hotel)
3) ANGELLO, ul. Kokotowska/ Kokotów
4)ANGELLO railway station / Kraków - Łagiewniki
 5)ANGELLO railway station / Kraków-Płaszów
1)"MAGILLO", ul. Zarzyckiego / Brzegi
2)"MAGILLO", ul. Focha 40 (parking) / Kraków
"WADOWICE" Plac Kościuszki,34-100 Wadowice
Białe Morza next to JP II Centrum /  Kraków

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