26/07 - 31/07/2016



Starting 23 July 2016, registration will only be possible at IRCs (Information-Registration Centers) with the possibility to submit the participatory fee (in cash or credit card) in PLN (zlotys) and EUR.


For more information go to REGISTRATION FAQ

Consultant in Polish: +48 12 4467261; mail: rejestr@krakow2016.com 
Consultant in English: +48 12 4467262; mail: registration@krakow2016.com
Consultant in Italian:+48 12 4467263; mail: iscrizioni@krakow2016.com
Consultant in Spanish: +48 12 4467264; mail: inscripcion@krakow2016.com
Consultant in French: +48 12 4467265; mail: enregistrement@krakow2016.com

Please direct questions not related to registration to the CALL CENTER

What is the last day to register to participate?

Registration and payment (ONLY by credit card in EUR) must be submitted no later than 22 July 2016.

What information should be given to register a group?

The registration system does not ask you to give the personal information of all pilgrims. There will be specific questions regarding:

- The group leader and the second leader of the subgroup (a person is allowed to be a leader of only one group);

- Priests - there will not be a separate registration process for priests, all personal information will be asked for during of registration along with a scanned letter with the bishop’s or his delegate’s signature (the letter will be available for download in the system);

- The number of underage pilgrims (a special form should be downloaded for each of them) and pilgrims over the age of 30;

- Disabled individuals (a specially prepared registration form should be filled out that will facilitate the reception of this group of pilgrims),

- Means of arrival to Krakow and of departure after the end of WYD.

What is the suggested age of participants of World Youth Day?

The suggested age range of participants of WYD is 14-30 years.

Bishops' conferences and Movements, Associations or Communities can set a different age range for young people participating in WYD within their organization.


In what way can participants take part in World Youth Day?

Each participant who will register participates in the organization of this event through:

- payment of the participation fee for the “Pilgrim Package” (its value is dependent on the chosen type of “Package”);

- contributing a voluntary donation to the Solidarity Fund (at least 10 EUR – these are the funds designated to help participants of poorer countries).

How does the registration of Bishops work?

Bishops sign up through the registration system, filling out the appropriate form. To obtain more information, we ask for contact through the email address: episcopus@krakow2016.com.


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