26/07 - 31/07/2016



Indian Youth Gather at WYD


On Thursday, July 28th, the Indian Delegation performed at St. Mary Magdalene’s square in Krakow’s Old Town. The performance featured traditional Indian dances to showcase the universality of Christianity through the youth’s energy.

It was blissful to see members from the Indian Delegation at World Youth Day 2016 representing DoCat present a dance performance yesterday evening during the Youth Festival Program at St. Mary Magdalene Square, Krakow.

The performance centered on a regional song depicting unity in the midst of diversity, performed by young people from various parts of India. Various regional dance steps were included into a fusion style that represented the diverse cultural heritage of the country.

The audience seemed enthusiastic and overwhelmed to have an Indian performance before them and enjoyed every bit of the performance, dancing and clapping along with the performers. The performance strongly reflected Christian unity and the communion of people of God in joyous celebration of the mercy of the Lord, especially in this extraordinary year of mercy.

Joseph K. Anthony

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