26/07 - 31/07/2016

Idea of YF

“FAITH which becomes CULTURE. Discovering God in BEAUTY”



I want you to go out into the street making a mess!

I want a mess in the dioceses!

I want the Church to go out into the street!

Pope Francis


The Youth Festival is the part of the program of World Youth Day, in which young people will be able to meet with God in the other person by sharing their passions and talents with others. Precisely in this time young people will make a MESS in the streets, in the city parks and squares not only in Krakow, but also in nearby places.

As part of the Youth Festival, there are concerts planned by performers from the whole world, many types of productions, dance shows, exhibitions and other cultural events, whose topics will be related to the theme of WYD Krakow 2016: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. There will also be a Sports Festival organized, during which young people will be able to play among others in Copa Católica – the soccer tournament for the pilgrims of World Youth Day. And in churches, young people will be able to pray and adore God in Religious Eventsorganized by movements and communities from the whole world that will come to Krakow.

The mess in Krakow’s streets, however, will begin slightly earlier than World Youth Day. In the week preceding WYD, the International Center of Evangelization will begin its work, in which its participants will share their faith and experiences of Christian life not only with the inhabitants of Krakow, but also with people who will come to Krakow prior to WYD.

One part of the Youth Festival during World Youth Day will be the Vocations Center – a place where young people will be able to come to know different ways of realizing vocation.

It will consist of two parts – presentations of the work of different Catholic organizations and communities, as well as from four different Academies.

  • God Academy – concentrates on finding vocations to religious life and priesthood;
  • Family Academy – for life in family;
  • Job Academy – focuses on searching for one’s vocation in work and in one’s chosen career path;
  • Mercy Academy – will remind that doing good and works of mercy for our neighbours is a privilege of a person at the same time as their highest calling.

All initiatives of the Youth Festival show the young and living Church, which is amazingly diverse and multicultural. The events organized as part of the Youth Festival will also be an occasion to present the cultural heritage of Poland. Regardless however of the form and the program of the Festival, the most important thing is that during this part of WYD young people from many corners of the world would enjoy being with other people and sharing their talents with others.



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