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How to get to Campus Misericordiae 30-31 July

2016-07-28 / Rzym

How to get to Campus Misericordiae 30/31 July

For part of the route to the place of the WYD vigil, pilgrims will have to go by foot. Only disabled pilgrims with appropriate entrance passes will be able to drive up to the sectors of Campus Misericordiae.

However, various means of transport are available for the first section of the route.


On July 30, you will be able to reach the following stations by train: Krakow Swoszowice, Krakow Bieżanów, Main Station and Podłęże. From there, pilgrims can use public transport or they may go by foot. From July 30 to August 1 (until noon), stations Kokotów, Węgrzce Wielkie and Wieliczka will be closed.

City Public Transport

The pilgrims should be able to reach Bieżanów, Mały Płaszów and Lesisko (near ul. Klasztorna) by  tram or bus. For the remaining part of the route, pilgrims will have to go by foot. As a massive overflow in public transport is expected, it may turn out that even for this section the pilgrims will have to walk.

By car

The number of parking spaces for passenger cars arriving from areas outside of Krakow is limited. The organizing committee cannot guarantee that all who are interested in attending will be provided with a space.

The location of car parks in Krakow


During the meeting with the pope, all coaches will remain at the designated car parks.

Location of the car parks for coaches:


The route to Campus Misericordiae

All prepared routes to Campus Misericordiae have been marked on the maps included in the Pilgrim Package. You can also download the map using the links below:


The routes have been marked off by signs. WYD volunteers will be present at every route with detailed information for pilgrims. Regardless of the type of transport chosen, pilgrims will have to walk a few kilometres to reach Campus Misericordiae.

Important Information regarding the routes

Reaching the sectors of Campus Misericordiae will only be possible through the routes prepared by the Organizing Committee.

The routes are marked off by signs with letters corresponding with the signs for particular sectors: A, B,C,D,E,F,G,H and J. We would encourage all the pilgrims to check the route to your sector in advance (it is visible on the entrance pass).

Changing the route will make it impossible for you to reach your sector!

When should we arrive at Campus?

It will possible to enter sectors on Saturday and Sunday, 30/31 July, as explained in the entrance passes (specific time of arrival is given for every sector). All late-comers and pilgrims without entrance passes will be able to find a place in external sectors. Participants with VIP entrance passes should arrive at Campus at least three hours before the ceremony begins. Sector 0 is going to be closed one hour before the meeting.

What is more, on every route there will be special information/registration centres, where pilgrims can receive their Pilgrim Package or obtain an entrance pass.

From Bieżanów pilgrims would have to go through ul. Bieżanowska or ul. Teligi, later ul. Sucharskiego. From Mały Płaszów, pilgrims would take ul. Lipska, ul. Surzyckiego, ul. Botewa, ul. Śliwiaka. From Mogiła, pilgrims can walk through ul. Klasztorna, ul. Półłanki, ul. Śliwiaka.

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