26/07 - 31/07/2016


Guest: Ulf Ekman

    June 18 – the 7th meeting in a series of official spiritual conferences preparing us for World Youth Day. The guest of the final Saturday meeting will be Ulf Ekman!
   "Vocation is choosing to become a missionary of mercy, to proclaim the Gospel of grace, i.e. to announce that salvation is free for everyone. (...) What the Church needs most today is the joy of being a disciple, a missionary. This is the most important, we have been called to this. Why mercy? Because Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit and the sign that you have it is joy!" Jose Prado Flores, a guest from Mexico, argued during the previous spiritual conference. He encouraged us to be merciful toward one another, to receive the free gift of Divine Mercy, and to carry it to the world, especially during July's World Youth Day.
The June meeting, the last one before World Youth Day, will discuss two works of mercy – to visit the sick andto bear wrongs patiently, and accompanying us will be the last saint from the list of saints from the City of Saints project – Sister Faustina. Our guest, Ulf Ekman from Sweden, is a theologian, missionary, and until recently – was still a pastor. Two years ago, however, together with his entire family, he was baptized in the Catholic Church. He preaches conferences, retreats, and lectures around the world. Now he will tell us about his journey of faith, the importance of unity, and community!
We are looking forward to this meeting! Join us! World Youth Day – a time of grace for all nations, peoples, and tongues – is approaching!!!
Let’s send sparks flying!!!

June 18, Saturday, Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Krakow-Łagiewniki, 4:30pm

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