26/07 - 31/07/2016

For us and the whole world / 6

Guest: José Prado Flores

Before us is the 6th meeting part of the official retreats preparing us for World Youth Day. This time, in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy – we will be hosting a charismatic leader from Mexico!

“Decide to do what is impossible in your life! Not what is possible. What is possible, you can do without Christ, without grace, without mercy. Christianity is based on you doing impossible things!” stated Bp Grzegorz Ryś on April 2, on the Sunday of Divine Mercy. During the 5th spiritual retreat we heard about the works of mercy, the message that Saint John Paul II has left us, and – the witness of the Merciful Jesus, who brings us real peace.
In May, the spiritual retreats will be on the topic of the next works of mercy, this time – comfort the afflicted and clothe the naked, and also – the Saints of Krakow – St. Kinga and St. John Cantius. The guest of this meeting will be an evangelizer known throughout the whole world, charismatic and author of many books – José Prado Flores. He will deliver a conference, answer the questions of our leaders and will lead a prayer of adoration.
ATTENTION! During the recollections in the Sanctuary there will be thesymbols of WYD:the Cross and the Icon of Our Lady Salus Populi Romani, since on May 20 – the pilgrimage of the symbols around the Archdiocese of Krakow will begin, which will last until July 25.
We invite you! Be with us to call together for Divine Mercy!

Let it SPARK!!!

The event will be broadcasted on our YouTube channel (Live Event) in English, Polish, Italian, and Spanish.

**José Prado Flores**

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