26/07 - 31/07/2016

For us and the whole world / 2


"We need to look at the world with the might of mercy," we heard on December 12 at the first meeting part of the official spritual conferences preparing for World Youth Day. Fathers Antonello and Enrico, missionaries from the Brazilian Alliance of Mercy community began the FOR US AND THE WHOLE WORLD retreats. In January - we are meeting for a second time.

Barely six months are left until July 2016 to pray for World Youth Day and the meeting of the young Church with the merciful Jesus in Krakow.

"Here, on earth blessed by God, where Jesus spoke to St. Faustina, the mercy of God will be proclaimed (...) to the ends of the earth. World Youth Day and the Year of Mercy are meeting here, in Krakow, and we will live these months of preparation for WYD with Jesus Christ," said Fr. Antonello during the Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament.

With hope and joy we are waiting for the next meeting part of the spiritual conferences. This time, on Saturday, January 16 we will first look at the next two Krakowian saints: St. Szymon of Lipnica and St. Stanisław Kazimierczyk.

There will also be discussions on the next works of mercy: bury the dead and pray for the living and the dead.

The guest of the second installment of the spiritual conferences will be - Fr. Michał Olszewski, a Polish Priest of the Sacred Heart, a highly esteemed retreat director and the author of books about cooperation with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the new evangelization. We will dedicate the interview with Fr. Michał - which we will publish at the beginning of January - to contemporary forms of young Christian prayer.

Be with us online on January 16!

Let us pray and may it spark!


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