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FAQ – Volunteers

General questions

Who is the WYD Volunteer?

The WYD volunteer is a person touched by God’s grace, who has voluntarily chosen to give service through their talents at the upcoming World Youth Day in Krakow. They are a person who gives generously of their time and strength to organize WYD during each stage of its preparations.

What should be the character of a person wishing to be a volunteer of WYD in Krakow?

The ideal volunteer profile consists of:

  • Testimony of faith (parish involvement, service in their communities, experience of previous World Youth Days or other major religious events),

  • Organizational experience (activities in nongovernmental organizations, previous experiences of volunteering),

  • Knowledge of foreign languages,

  • Communication skills and openness,

  • Specific skills (eg. Computer graphics, desktop publishing, knowledge of social media, first aid, …).

The above-mentioned conditions don’t have to occur together. The most important trait is a genuine desire to help other people and to have a real faith motivation. Therefore, the final decision of accepting a person into the group of volunteers belongs to Volunteer Organizing Committee Section of the World Youth Day in Krakow, which reserves the right to accept or reject an application without giving justification.

What kind of volunteers are going to be needed during the preparation and duration of the World Youth Day 2016?

When it comes to territorial coverage:

  • National, diocesan and parish volunteers,

  • International volunteers.

When it comes to time spent preparing WYD:

  • Short-term volunteers - involved in the second half of July 2016.

  • Long-term volunteers - preparing for World Youth Day.

National, diocesan and parish volunteers,

Must the 2016 WYD volunteer be of legal age?

Yes. The official status of “WYD volunteer” will only be granted to those who are at least 18 years old by June 30, 2016.

Can minors participate in the organization of WYD?

Minors are welcome to help in the Parish Committees and scouting organizations, community and ministry in the dioceses during the Days in the Dioceses.

Can a person of another confession than Catholic be volunteer of WYD?

Yes. Not only Catholics can be volunteers. People of other faiths can also become one of them, provided that they accept the Catholic character of the event.

Is knowledge of Polish necessary to become a WYD volunteer?

No, speaking Polish is not required in serving as a volunteer.

Can people with disabilities become volunteers?

Yes. However, the participation of a disabled person in WYD as a volunteer is possible only after previous consultation with the Voluntary Work Section. Concealing any vital health issues may serve as grounds to deprive such a person of a volunteer status.

Are international volunteers taking part in the WYD in Krakow?

Yes. World Youth Day in Krakow will be an event on a global scale. International volunteers are going to help with the preparations, as well as during WYD.

Will the volunteers receive any kind of payment for their service?

No. A volunteer's service is based on the free will decision to work for the benefit of another person and the whole community without compensation.


When will the volunteer registration process for WYD in Krakow begin?

As of July 2015, the registration system for short-term volunteers is open. Everyone interested in volunteering can sign up using the registration system available HERE.

If there is a demand of any sections for long-term volunteers, please note that our list oflong term, YEAR LONG volunteers willing to help us out at WYD Krakow is FULL. You can still apply as a long-term international volunteer for half a year by sending us your CV to: volunteers@krakow2016.com.

What documents do you have to fill out while applying for volunteer status in WYD, Krakow?

Answer: The candidate should:

- Fill in the application form on the registration page.

- Present a letter of recommendation. The letter must be signed by a diocesan bishop or by the country's Episcopate Conference. All the candidates accepted as WYD 2016 volunteers, will be required to send their photo, a scan of the Identification Document, of the visa (if they are subject to visa requirement), and to pay the entrance fee (the volunteer's package).

How will I receive the information about being accepted as a volunteer?

There will be several rounds of recruitment for WYD 2016 volunteers (from Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016). The applicants accepted in each round will receive a confirmation message. After finalizing the last round, a message will be sent to all candidates that did not receive a volunteer status. In every round only applications that met formal requirements will be considered; each round will include both the applications not chosen in the previous rounds, as well as those sent in between the rounds of selection.

How can I find out about new products, changes in volunteering?

All official information on volunteering is available on the website of World Youth Day in applied tab. The news will report the official WYD channels in social media, for example Facebook.

Before arrival

What formalities must be fulfilled in order to be able to enter Poland? Do I need a visa?

Those people who are not covered by the Schengen visa agreement can stay in Poland without a visa for a maximum of 90 days. Citizens of other countries must obtain a visa for the Schengen area. For a list of countries and visa requirements, you can search for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:



Do the organizers of WYD provide visas for people who require a visa?

No. The obligation to obtain a visa and any associated costs rests solely with the volunteer. The WYD Committee may only issue a certificate of qualification for a person to volunteer for WYD.

What should a volunteer bring to Krakow?

A volunteer should bring clothing suitable for different weather conditions (various temperatures as well as rain), documents allowing entry to Poland, permitted medicines, an unlocked mobile phone and charger, health insurance, and an FM radio.

Every volunteer has to bring along a sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

WYD’s tradition of meetings is to exchange souvenirs, toys, stamps, etc. related to the pilgrim / volunteer’s place of origin. These little things you can bring with you.

Can volunteers count on financial assistance for travel to Krakow?

No. The method of arrival to Krakow and its funding remains the responsibility of the volunteer.

What currency should I take to Poland?

The present currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty – “PLN”. In Poland, you can easily exchange your currency and use credit/debit cards. For pilgrims originating from Europe, we recommend you bring one of the following currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, HUF, SEK, NOK, DKK, CZK. For people from other continents the recommended currency is USD, EUR, GBP.

What charges will be borne by the volunteers?

As in previous WYD years, volunteers will pay the entry fee (volunteer package). http://www.krakow2016.com/en/become-a-volunteer

What is contained in the volunteer’s package? What is provided for volunteers by Local Organization Committee?

All volunteers will be provided with: meals, accommodation, insurance and tickets for public transportation. They will also receive: a backpack, a WYD prayer-book, a pilgrim’s guide, a map of Krakow and its surroundings, a T-shirt, a hat, and a SIM card for team leaders only.

In Krakow

How can I help right now?

If you want to help, please email volunteers@krakow2016.com.

How many volunteers will serve at World Youth Day?

The estimated number of all volunteers (domestic and foreign) serving at WYD is 20 000.

Where should I report after arrival to Krakow?

Information regarding the place for you to report in Krakow will be sent via e-mail to each volunteer and placed on a web page.

How long will volunteers be asked to serve during WYD Krakow 2016?

Short-time voluntary service will last for last two weeks of July 2016.

Are volunteers allowed to come to Krakow earlier/ leave later?

All volunteers (domestic and foreign) will get accommodation for the time of their service. Details concerning the possibility of getting accommodation before and after WYD will be given later.

Will short-term volunteers have training courses?

Yes. Training courses for all short-time volunteers (domestic and foreign) will take place in a week before central events of WYD.

What will the training/education of a volunteer consist of?

A training-school for volunteers will be divided into two parts. The first part, so called: "General Training," will concern the schedule of WYD, safety rules and communication. The second part will be expanded and will pertain to preparation of a volunteer for his service.

Will volunteers be divided into language groups?


Will it be possible to work with a group of friends?

The organizers of the registration process do not provide for the possibility of forming groups of friends who will work together. The main criteria for the selection of work groups are the skills and competence of volunteers. All volunteers will work together, but periodically they may have to work separately.

What types of tasks will volunteers be given?

Volunteers will be appointed in various periods for different tasks. The main duties will be: taking care of pilgrims, welcoming them (in railway/bus stations and airports), giving information, working in a press center, interpreting (oral and written), social media, organizing and logistics during events, preparing catechesis and other meetings, cooperation with authorities and groups coordination, and taking care of pilgrims in parishes (board and accommodation) and in different points in the Archdiocese of Krakow which will serve as accommodation places for pilgrims.

Can volunteers choose a kind of service at WYD?

Yes. During registration each person will provide information on their preferred fields of service during the WYD, and about their skills and professional experience. Based on this data, among others factors, the duties will be arranged. However, the organizers do not guarantee that everyone will get engaged in the fields they indicate.

Will volunteers participate in meetings with the Pope, central events, and the Youth Festival?

Volunteering means that doing tasks will sometimes make itimpossible to participate in meetings with the Pope, central events,or the Youth Festival. At the end of WYD, there is a volunteers’ meeting with the Pope.

Volunteering means that doing tasks will sometimes make it impossible to participate in meetings with the Pope, central events, or the Youth Festival. At the end of WYD, there is a volunteers’ meeting with the Pope.

At the end of WYD, there is a volunteers’ meeting with the Pope.

Will volunteers receive a confirmation of their service at the WYD from the organizers?

Yes. Each volunteer will receive a personal certificate including the name and the logo of the organizers. It will also include information about the work the volunteer performed.

What will volunteers’ spiritual formation be like?

During the stay in Krakow, in training and in work, volunteers will be given the opportunity to participate in the Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and prayer meetings. There will also be opportunities to confess in various languages. During the preparations, Polish and international volunteers will be under the pastoral care of priests.

Can I participate in “Days in the Diocese” and be a volunteer in WYD?

You can be a volunteer and participate in Days in the Diocese at the same time, but certain conditions apply. This possibility is only available for people from Poland. Moreover, those people have to be trained in Krakow earlier. They will be obliged to come and stay in Krakow for training at their own expense.

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